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Week of Nov. 28, 2016

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Findings in a new report led by Tomas Ståhl, UIC visiting assistant professor of psychology, suggest that a possible avenue to more productive political discourse is encouragement of a culture in which it is a virtue to evaluate beliefs based on logical reasoning and the available evidence. "In such a climate, politicians would get credit for engaging in a rational intellectually honest argument," he said.  Ståhl can discuss his recent research that measures the extent to which people see a reliance on reason and evidence as a moral issue.

Trump and unions
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According to exit polls, if only union members had voted, Trump would not be president-elect, says Bob Bruno, director of UIC's Labor Education Program. "And if the Democratic Party wants to once again be the party of the working class, it needs to embrace what union workers have historically stood and fought for," says Bruno, who is available for comment.