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Week of June 05, 2017

FAA to privatize
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President Trump announced a plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. But four decades of examples have shown privatization is not a "magic pill," says Evan McKenzie, UIC professor and head of political science. McKenzie, an expert on the privatization of government services and assets, says these arrangements can produce efficiency gains in situations where simple, easily specified tasks can be contracted out to the lowest bidder, but complex tasks that require long-term commitment are often best performed by government employees.

Trump's plans for infrastructure
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Reports indicate the Trump administration will lean on cities, states and the private sector to improve U.S. infrastructure. But without a major infusion of federal funds, the nation's interstates, airports and mass transit are likely to further deteriorate, says Kate Lowe, UIC assistant professor of urban planning and policy. Lowe, who studies transportation funding and policy, says private investment, such as mass transit private-public partnerships, may offer innovative solutions in some cases but often fail to deliver substantial public benefit.