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Week of June 26, 2017

Senate Republican health care bill
<a href="">Sharon Parmet</a>: (312) 413-2695

Anthony LoSasso, professor of health policy and administration and of government and public affairs at UIC, can discuss the Senate Republican health care bill. LoSasso is interested in how government policies affect private sector health care decisions.

Religious institutions and public funds
Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

A new Supreme Court ruling finds that religious institutions may not be excluded from state funding programs with a secular intent. Kelly LeRoux, UIC associate professor of public administration, says the ruling sets a bad precedent because it's not clear whether these spaces will be now be open for public use. Le Roux, who studies nonprofits and social policy, says religious groups often resist taking public money to avoid the associated government rules or to maintain their right to exclusion.

Halting Illinois road construction
Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

The stoppage of Illinois road construction projects managed by IDOT due to the state's budget impasse would prove to be a major inconvenience for contractors, the trucking industry and motorists, says P.S. Sriraj, director of the Urban Transportation Center at UIC. Sriraj can discuss the significance of disruption to Illinois highways and possible long-term effects of the construction shutdown scheduled to begin June 30.

New Chicago Manual of Style for crowdfunding
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How a pitch is worded and voiced matters more for social entrepreneurs than for commercial entrepreneurs raising funds on a crowdfunding platform, according to a new study. “Research on what makes a crowdfunding project successful has mostly focused on content, or what one says, and ignored linguistic style, or how one speaks," says Annaleena Parhankangas, UIC assistant professor of entrepreneurship. Read more about Parhankangas’ research.

Sept. 14 | Free | Call: (312) 413-8088 | Email:

The 2017 UIC Urban Forum is designed to raise issues related to uniting hard and soft infrastructures, the built environment's lasting impact on a city and its people, opportunities for economic development and the future of city design. 8:45 a.m. - 1 p.m. Illinois Rooms, Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted St. Online registration begins July 24.