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Week of March 16, 2015

Raise Smoking Age?
Contact Sharon Parmet: (312) 413-2695 /

Robin Mermelstein, professor of psychology and director of the UIC Institute for Health Research and Policy, says that raising the minimum age for tobacco use to 21 would have substantial health benefits, including saving more than a quarter million people from smoking-related deaths through reducing the number of people who start smoking between the ages of 15 and 17 years old. Mermelstein co-authored a report released last week from the Institute of Medicine on the public health implications of raising the minimum legal age for tobacco use to 19, 21 and 25 years old. 

Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

Conservatives report, but liberals display greater happiness, according to a new study co-authored by Matt Motyl, UIC assistant professor of psychology and political science. Motyl, who studies political psychology, social ecology and intergroup conflict, can address the ideological differences found in the report, which examined two behaviors linked to happiness  -- smiling and using positive language. 

Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

Storytelling energizes online social movements, but social media exposure does not equal political influence, reports Zizi Papacharissi, UIC professor and head of communication, in her new book, "Affective Publics: Sentiment, Technology, and Politics." Papacharissi, a new-media scholar, is available to discuss her research that focused on three contemporary case studies – Arab Spring movements, Occupy Wall Street, and archives of trending topics on Twitter – to examine the role social media plays in uprisings, movements and everyday political expression. 

17, Tuesday | Free | Call: (312) 413-5353

Free soup and discussion of "Fight for $15," the movement to improve wages for fast-food workers and community gardens. Patrick Porter, Stir the Pot; and Margaret Hartmann, Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm. Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, Residents' Dining Hall, 800 S. Halsted St.

17, Tuesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-6068

Boston's Trio Speranza highlights the musical visionaries who lived through periods of transition in musical styles and aesthetics in the Baroque era. 1 - 2 p.m. Recital Hall L060, Education, Theatre, Music and Social Work Building, 1040 W. Harrison St.

17, Tuesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-2950

The Grace Holt Memorial Lecture, presented by the UIC department of African American studies. Michael Crutcher, Jr., author of "Treme: Race and Place in a New Orleans Neighborhood," will examine the politics of race, urban affairs, criminalization and education in New Orleans. 4 - 6 p.m. UIC Institute for the Humanities, Stevenson Hall, lower level, 701 S. Morgan St.

18, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-8700

Panel discussion with Karen Tamley, Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities; Greg Polman, Chicago Lighthouse; Robin Ann Jones, Great Lakes ADA Center; and Steve Schlickman, UIC Urban Transportation Center. Noon - 1:30 p.m. Gallery 400 Lecture Room, 400 S. Peoria St.

18, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-6068

Antonip Fava has taught and directed at Exeter University and The Oxford Stage Company, U.K.; Insitut dei Teatre di Barcelona; Real Escuela de Arte Dramatico, Madrid; CIP di Tremlan, Switzerland; Theatre Populaire Jurassien, France; Museo Cassioli di Asciano, Italy; Universite' du Quebec; and New York University. His seminal book, "The Comic Mask in Commedia dell'Arte," was translated into English in 2005. 1 p.m. UIC Theatre, 1040 W. Harrison St.

18, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-6068

Roger Ingram is known for his dynamic sound and solid upper register, as well as his hard-driving sense of swing. 3 p.m. Recital Hall L060, Education, Theatre, Music and Social Work Bldg., 1040 W. Harrison St.

18, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 413-3780

Talk featuring Anthony Clark, author of "The Last Campaign: How Presidents Rewrite History, Run for Posterity and Enshrine Their Legacies." Hosted by UIC department of political science. 11 a.m. Room 140, Behavioral Sciences Building, 1007 W. Harrison St. 

19, Thursday | Free| Call: (312) 413-8702

More than 60 employers looking to hire students and alumni will be at the 25th annual All Majors Career Fair. The fair, hosted by the UIC Office of Career Services, is from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted St.  The event is open to UIC students and alumni only. Students should bring their iCard for admission.

National Nutrition Month
Thru March | Free | Call: (312) 996-1795

Children and their families visiting the UI Health pediatric outpatient clinic will receive information on good nutrition, and try high nutrition foods such as yogurt and baby carrots throughout the month of March, which is National Nutrition Month.  "By providing samples and information, we hope that families will take into account the nutritional value of the foods they chose," says Marla Solomon, registered dietitian/certified diabetes educator UI Health. Weekdays, Outpatient Care Clinic, 1801 W. Taylor, 2E.

April 23-24 | Free | Call: (312) 996-6352 or

Government officials, non-governmental organization leaders, researchers and students from the U.S., Canada and the Middle East will discuss trans-border water systems, with an emphasis on the Great Lakes and Jordan River. Room 605, Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted St. 

Thru June 30 | Free | Call: (312) 996-9549

Showcase of objects, images and texts exploring the legacy of the Chicago’s 1940 American Negro Exposition. Open Monday -  Friday, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and by appointment. UIC African American Cultural Center Library, Addams Hall, Room 200, 830 S. Halsted St.