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Week of Jan. 19, 2016

Public Grief
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In response to the news of music legend David Bowie’s death last week, people took to social media to express their sadness and grief. Days later, with the death of actor Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey, a founder of the band the Eagles, the process was repeated. Kelly Page, UIC adjunct lecturer in managerial studies, can explore this phenomenon.

Walmart Closings
Contact Jeffron Boynes: (312) 413-8702 /

Walmart will close 269 stores around the world in a move to focus more on its supercenters and e-commerce business, the company said last week. Kelly Page, UIC adjunct lecturer in managerial studies, and Alan Malter, UIC associate professor of managerial studies, can analyze the impact Internet/digital retailing has had on the landscape over the years.

China's Economy
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China is dealing with a falling currency and a volatile stock market. Lawrence Officer, UIC professor of economics, can explain what’s going on in China and what’s ahead for the global economy.

19, Tuesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-6114

Olga Stefan, curator of Gallery 400's current exhibition "Few Were Happy with Their Condition," will speak on her projects within the context of her migratory condition, and how migration has become a necessity for many working in contemporary art. Stefan was born in Romania, grew up and established her career in Chicago, and since 2009, has been based in Zurich. 6 - 8 p.m. Gallery 400, 400 S. Peoria St.

School of Architecture Lecture Series
25, Monday | Free | Call: (312) 996-3335

Adam Kotsko, assistant professor of humanities, Shimer College, Chicago. 5:30 p.m. 1100 Architecture + Design Studios, 845 W. Harrison St.

27, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-2950

Panel discussion covering topics related to Spike Lee's film "Chi-Raq." Salamishah Tillet, associate professor of English and Africana studies, University of Pennsylvania; Beth Richie, UIC professor of African American studies and criminology, law and justice, and gender and women’s studies; David Stovall, UIC professor of educational policy studies and African American studies; and Elizabeth Todd-Brieland, UIC assistant professor of history. 4:30 p.m. Jane Addams Hull House, Residents' Dining Hall, 800 S. Halsted St. 

Black History Month Opening Reception & Trivia Night
Feb. 2 | Free | Call: (312) 413-5070

Black history trivia celebrating the achievements and contributions of African Americans. 4 - 6 p.m. Student Center East, Illinois Room, 750 S. Halsted St.