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Week of April 18, 2016

Education and Labor Strife
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The possibility of another Chicago Teachers Union strike looms after the union's rejection of an independent report that offered recommendations on a labor deal with Chicago Public Schools. Elizabeth Todd-Breland, UIC assistant professor of history, is available to provide a historical perspective on Chicago school reform efforts and the city's striking educators. Todd-Breland's research and writing has covered transformations in black politics, shifts in education organizing and the racial politics of education reform in post-Civil Rights Chicago. She has also coordinated professional development workshops and courses for K-12 teachers on critical pedagogy, African American history, urban education and college readiness.

Internet Narcissism
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One study described in a 2009 book showed that among a group of 37,000 college students, narcissistic personality traits rose as quickly as obesity from the 1980s to the present. The continued explosion of social networking has provided students with the tools to expand their reach. Kelly Page, UIC lecturer in managerial studies, researches the psychology of web knowledge, and can discuss selfies and the use of social media that narcissists use to display themselves.