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Week of May 02, 2016

Flu Shots
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The effectiveness of a flu shot could be determined by what time of day the vaccination is given, according to a new study. Researchers discovered that the patients (more than 270 ages 65 and older), who received two different strains of vaccines between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., had a much larger increase in antibodies than those given shots between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. There was no significant difference between the morning and afternoon groups with a third flu strain. Sheila Allen, director of the immunization program in the UIC College of Pharmacy, can discuss.

May is Stroke Month
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Every 40 seconds, somebody in the United States has a stroke. UI Health neurosurgeon Dr. Ali Alaraj can speak about the signs and symptoms of stroke, which can help you get a loved one to the hospital faster, so that they have a better chance of survival without complications. “Time is critical,” says Alaraj. “Every minute counts, so knowing quickly if someone is having a stroke can save a life.” The signs are FAST -- face drooping, arm weakness, speech slurring, and time --  call 911 immediately.

Heart Health
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Eating healthier food, especially a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish, could be the key to avoiding heart attack and stroke, and not just avoiding unhealthy foods, a new study says. According to researchers, who analyzed the eating habits of thousands of older adults worldwide, it's a lack of healthy food in many people's diets, not so much eating unhealthy foods. Carol Braunschweig, UIC professor of kinesiology and nutrition, can discuss.