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Get $avvy - Grow Your Green $tuff Webinar Series for Academic Year 2013/2014

2/26/2014  8:00 am

University of Illinois Extension and USFSCO SMMC are teaming up again to bring college students across the state of Illinois "Get $avvy - Grow Your Green $tuff."  This webinar series will not only get you to wake up and smell the roses but also help you overcome a variety of financial challenges that you may face in today's society. 

The series will be running from September 2013 to April 2014 and consist of six webinars: 

"Get $avvy - Grow Your Green $tuff" is aimed to inform, educate and empower you about important financial topics... all from the comfort of your own home/coffees shop/library/computer lab... (you get the point) so watch one today!