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Fall 2013 #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series

SMMC Staff
7/28/2013  8:00 am

Where will you be on Thursdays at 4 PM? 

SMMC is so excited to continue the #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series where you can join in on fun, relevant, and educational conversations on all things money!

Wait, What's a Tweet Chat? Good question. A tweet chat is a dynamic way to interact and talk with your peers on a predetermined day about a predetermined subject! Think of it as a weekly coffee date with your friends where you can share ideas and ask questions about different money related topics.  

So How Do I Join? Participating is easy! Just follow @ILStudentMoney on Twitter and search for the hashtag #UIMoney on Wednesdays at 4 PM. We (the moderator) will get the Twitter party started with a question related to that week's topic and all you have to do is reply with the hashtag #UIMoney

And, What Are We Talking About? Each week will focus on a different topic related to money and personal finance. Fall 2013 semester's tweet chats are over, but you can check out the current semester's list by going here:

What Have We Talked About? Past tweet chats have included various topics, but you can always check the resources listed by searching for #UIMoney on twitter at any time: 

  • Thrifty Thanksgiving (November 21): The Thanksgiving countdown has officially begun! Let's use this #UIMoney tweetchat to talk about travelling tips you've learned over this busy holiday and all the ways you can save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • How to...DIY (November 14): We over at SMMC love ourselves a DIY or Do It Yourself project and we want to share our love for it with you. Not only does DIY make you a more independent person but it can also save you big bucks! The opportunities to do it yourself are a plenty! From different projects around the house to prepping a home cooked meal, you won’t want to miss this #UIMoney tweetchat.
  • Financial Wellness While Abroad (November 7): Fresh off the heels of today's webinar, we're going to be talking more about financial wellness while abroad. Whether you are planning on studying abroad or going on vacation it is important for you to spend within your means as well as keep your money safe. Take part in this #UIMoney tweet chat to learn and share your tips on developing a financial plan while you're away!
  • Halloween! (October 31): We couldn’t think of a better #UIMoney tweetchat topic for today than how to have a frugal and fun Halloween! There are a lot of costs associated with Halloween – everything from choosing the perfect costume to a night out on the town. Let’s take this time to talk about how you can have a super fun Halloween without breaking the break. We’ve got ideas on making creative, cost-effective costumes having an awesome potluck party!
  • Identity Theft (October 24): Did you know that this week is Identity Theft Prevention week? According to Javelin Strategy & Research (2012), "Approximately 1.4 million more adults were victimized by identity fraud in 2011, compared to 2010." Even though the jury is still out on 2012 statistics, we can still talk about ways to reduce identity theft in 2013. Follow @ILStudentMoney and then use #UIMoney to join the discussion.
  • Healthy Lifestyle on a Dime (October 17): Ever heard of the saying, “Work Hard, Play Hard?” Well we here at SMMC like to work and have fun but we realize that living a healthy, balance lifestyle trumps partying yourself into the ground. Being a college student cannot only be stressful but offers a lot of temptations to eat junk and spend wastefully. This #UIMoney tweet chat is all about how students can maintain a healthy school/life balance on a budget. We’re throwing out questions on how to eat healthfully, ways you de-stress, and cheap, healthy entertainment ideas!
  • Credit & Debt (October 10): In commemoration of our ''Staying on Good Terms: Credit & Debt'' webinar, this week''s #UIMoney tweet chat will be about all things credit! We''re breaking down the different elements of credit including: what it is, how to establish it, how to run a credit report, and the difference between a credit score and a credit report. Learn from your peers how to stay out of the red and ask those questions you've always wanted answered about credit.
  • Frugal Fall Spending (October 3):  As we get into our routine for the fall semester, it’s important to talk about spending and how to keep things frugal. Students arent’ rolling in the dough and with all the opportunities to spend, it’s vital that we know how to keep our lives as frugal as possible. So, with that let’s discuss how we can keep costs down on a daily basis. From spending money on entertainment and nighlife to cutting utility costs down, let’s chat how we can avoid overspending and start living frugally! 
  • Managing Your Credit (September 26):  Don't let this topic scare you! Credit is such an important financial tool and your credit history can determine much of your financial life, so we ought to talk about it! This #UIMoney tweet chat is going to break down credit for you and teach how the different ways you guys can manage your credit. Feel free to come with questions of your own.
  • Cash at College: Savings, Spending, and Student Loans (September 19): We're kickstarting our new webinar series, "Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff," with a #UIMoney tweetchat on all your favorite money topics!  This must-join chat will go over how to save during school, developing a full-proof spending plan, and the different types of loan options available!
  • Frugal Foodie (September 12): In college there's a lot of spending temptations in regards to food - whether it's dining out with friends, ordering that takeout, or buying groceries at the sotre.  We kno that food can add up so this #UIMoney tweet chat is all abotu becoming the frugal foodie you've always wanted to be! Learn quick and easy recipes from your peers as well as tips and tricks on not let letting food temptations break the bank.
  • Working as a Student (September 5): Our tweet chat this week is in commemoration of Labor Day, the holiday held in honor of working people! As a working student you should be doubly honored, but we haven't created that holiday.  In this #UIMoney tweet chat let's talk about what's it's like being a working student, tips for students looking for jobs, and how to achieve work/student/life balance!
  • Life as a Student (August 29): This Thursday's #UIMoney topic will be centered around the money challenges (and perks!) you face as a student. Let's talk about taking advantage of resources on campus and financial adjustments you've made since becoming a student, and much more!
  • Basics of Banking (August 22): Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to learn about the basics of banking such as how to choose a financial institution, the different types of products and services available, and what questions you should ask your financial institution. This Is a great tweet chat to get all your questions answered as well as learn how your peers go about choosing their banking options!  CANCELLED
  • Internet & Finances (August 15): As we become more reliant on the internet for everyday tasks, especially financial ones, we need to find additional ways to protect ourselves. This #UIMoney tweetchat is about all things online - from securing your identity to how social media can compromise your finances, we're talking about it! This is a tweet chat you won't want to miss!
  • Back to school (August 8): With the fall semester just around the corner there's no better time than to talk  about back to school savings and expenses! Join our #UIMoney tweet chat to discuss how you can save money for school and what costs + expenses you should be preparing for!
  • Figuring out Financial Aid (August 1): Filling out your FAFSA, applying for grants and scholarships, and taking out loans can be a confusing process.  It''s always been SMMC''s goal to offer transparent information and this #UIMoney tweet chat is no different! Join us Thursday as we navigate the financial aid ropes, unveil some of the confusion, and get your take on the financial aid process!